Cannabis Man 42 42 - Miranda May

Have you ever communed with the dead? This week's guest says anyone can be a medium, they just need to be taught the skill. Miranda May ( lost someone very close to her and like many others, she relied heavily on alcohol to cope with that loss. Looking for a more sustainable solution, a friend introduced her to cannabis and she found some relief. However, Miranda struggled with feelings of guilt and discomfort over using the plant, due to the lingering stigma around it. Eventually she realized how important cannabis was for her health and wellbeing. Now she's helping others process trauma, grief and loss with the help of cannabis and using her own skills as a medium. She says she wants to teach more people how to exercise their own "medium muscles", so they can commune with their lost loved ones and move into a more accepting, healthy place. Miranda discusses some of what she's learned on her journey, why she believes anyone can be a medium, and how she wants to bring people together on healing cannabis grief retreats in the future! Plus some crucial cannabis bills are moving through Illinois' legislature on the News Joint Wrap ( and another state says it's time to end the Cannabis Prohibition (!
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