Cannabis Man 40 Episode 40 - Matt Ross and Ethan Stockton, Deep Space Creations

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Cannabis may grow like a weed, but it doesn't mean that weed is worth smoking. There is a wide spectrum between shwag headache dust and the glory of the stickiest icky. How does one grow great cannabis? You can start by learning from master growers and breeders, like Matt Ross and Ethan Stockton of Deep Space Creations (! They stop by to discuss the importance of good genetics, consistency in your grow environment, & the differences between live resin, rosin, and the highly undesirable "dead" resin. Plus a popular dispensary chain from another state breaks ground in Illinois on the News Joint Wrap, a citrusy sativa is Strain of the Week and a massive cannabis company calls it quits in three states!

Hear more from Matt and Ethan at the Breeder Feature, February 17th, at Ignite Vape and Glass ( in Aurora!
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