Cannabis Man 37 Episode 37 - Yesenia Roman

Anyone who uses cannabis and has been on a first date knows how awkward it can be to broach the topic. The lingering stigma of reefer madness can ruin a potential relationship in a heartbeat. Yesenia Roman knew this firsthand and decided to create Canna Baddie Talk (, a website and blog where she could share her experiences as a then-single woman who enjoys cannabis. Now she's curating women-empowered Stoner Speed Dating ( events like the upcoming Puff & Cuff in Mundelein to allow like-minded singles to meet and consume cannabis in a safe and friendly environment without the awkward research part up front! Plus Illinois breaks cannabis sales records on the News Joint Wrap (, a groovy sativa is Strain of the Week ( and two more states signal adult use cannabis legalization is on the horizon!

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