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Great show

Hey Don I just recorded my first podcast called the amateur stoner the first episode will be out soon. I want to say I love the show and I starting using cannabis in 2018 for medicinal reasons. I have bad chronic pain issues and I used to be a hardcore opioid addict where i lost everything. Because I tried it with someone i deeply care about my life changed for the better. Cannabis helps me physically and mentally. I had no emotions. Cannabis makes me feel like a human being again. I will be severely honest. If it wasn’t for cannabis I would either keep on trying to end my life or I would have done it already. I get tears in my eyes I wish I used cannabis a very long time ago. Cannabis helps me to keep going. I love all three. Sativa early in the day hybrid in the afternoon and indica at night and I love consuming in all forms🥰🥰 Thank you for your awesome show you have a regular listener now and you help give me some ideas for my show. You are fantastic brother. Cannabis saves and brongs people together.


Don’s da cannabis man! He’s making it happen for sure. In due time the cannabis man will be creating a cannabis revolution. Yessah Blessah. 🙌🏽

Great podcast!

I really enjoy this podcast! It provides lots of good information and perspective. Definitely recommend you listen!

Excellent Podcast

Very informative podcast about the current state of the legal cannabis world. Has very interesting guests on the show that offer many different perspectives. Highly Recommend!


This guys a legend. Well spoken, well thought out commentary. Love it

Smart. Funny. Worth it.

Don’s approach is a mix of old school broadcast/writing talent and modern delivery, in easy bite-size form. My new go-to pod.