Jan. 20, 2023

Episode 38 - Viktor Karpenko

Episode 38 - Viktor Karpenko
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We live in a browser-based generation. When people want to know something, they ask a search engine. As the cannabis industry expands and refines, people are creating new products and businesses looking for ways to stand out in the growing crowd and rank highly in search engine results. EnterMJSeo, the Cannabis SEO Agency! Founder and CEO Viktor Karpenko explains how SEO has some of the best ROI out there for companies and how the great work his team is doing can help cannabis businesses trying to grow there brands in an ever-changing landscape! Plus the Illinois dispensary license lottery extends its deadline in the Illinois News Joint Wrap, COVID-19 ruined the Strain of the Week, and the "bloodbath" heading for New York City's illegal cannabis market!

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