Dec. 28, 2022

Episode 35 - Fred Sanders

Episode 35 - Fred Sanders
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In the final episode of 2022, Fred Sanders shares with Don his journey to create a business within a business. Working in The Apple House in Terre Haute, Indiana, right on the border with Illinois where cannabis had just become legal, Fred knew that some Illinois medical cannabis patients would soon be starting their own home grow operations. And they would need guidance and products for those projects. So he created Blooms Brothers Hydro, inside the Apple House, to meet those future needs. Fred goes through some of the basics of home growing and what products they offer that can help get your grow up and running! Plus a Cannabis Research Institute is heading for Chicago on the News Joint Wrap and Space Monkey is the Strain of the Week! And some states' legal cannabis markets have already bottomed out, threatening the future of legal cannabis in the United States! Happy Holidaze, get blazed!

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