Nov. 17, 2022

Episode 31 - Cory Getz "The CBD Surfer"

Episode 31 - Cory Getz
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What does a brain stem stroke feel like? Cory Getz, aka The CBD Surfer, tells Don exactly what it felt like on this week's episode. Cory shares his experience of waking up with half of his body paralyzed along with many other changes. With a focused dedication on recovery, and the help of CBD, Cory was surfing 108 days later and recently placed in a surfing competition! Now he's helping others with Traumatic Brain Injury by sharing what he learned. Plus new Illinois Social Equity dispensary licenses and more in the News Joint Wrap, a governor's executive order legalizes medical cannabis in a new state, and a calm and uplifting Sativa is the Strain of the Week! 

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