Nov. 10, 2022

Episode 30 - Kala Sanmartin

Episode 30 - Kala Sanmartin
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Like many people around the world, Kala Sanmartin struggled to get to sleep. She was prescribed sleeping pills which helped but also hurt in different ways. She decided to seek a more sustainable solution and found that cannabis helped in major ways. As a registered nurse she wanted to learn all she could about the plant's health effects and history. She wanted to share what she learned, so she founded the Cannabis Nurses and the Canna Queens Club to help others learn the many ways cannabis can improve the quality of everyone's lives, and most especially women. Plus a check of Illinois' cannabis 2022 revenue, and a new player in legal cannabis makes a major move in the News Joint Wrap. Plus the Strain of the Week, Uncle Bud's delivery service and it's high time we stopped using the word marijuana, for good!

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