March 9, 2023

41 - Robert Lund, Studio TBD

41 - Robert Lund, Studio TBD
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Is legal cannabis trending in an unsafe direction? In light of recent studies underscoring the potential dangers of products with high rates of THC, it's a fair question to ask. More evidence is showing that CBD can protect our brains from the more harmful elements of THC, and thankfully some companies are leaning into this and finding a "safe and fun" sweet spot for consumers of their cannabis products. Enter Studio TBD, a creative collective in New York City focusing on cannabis products and web3. Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Robert Lund, says he and his team have imbedded into the company and products, the philosophy of keeping cannabis safe and fun for the masses. They are doing this by keeping a ratio of high CBD to low THC in their infused strawberry gummies, such as 25 mg of CBD with 4 mg of THC. Plus a Summer cannabis convention in the News Joint Wrap, and as many states are racing to legalize cannabis - Oklahoma faceplants at the finish line. Enjoy!

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