Cannabis Man Podcast

Cannabis Man Podcast

A thorough look at all things cannabis from America's complicated past to the present efforts to federally decriminalize it. Plus new industries, companies and products exploding in states that have legalized weed.

Recent Episodes

Episode 38 - Viktor Karpenko

Jan. 20, 2023

We live in a browser-based generation. When people want to know something, they ask a search engine. As the cannabis industry expands and refines, people are creating new products and businesses looking for ways to stand out…

Episode 37 - Yesenia Roman

Jan. 13, 2023

Anyone who uses cannabis and has been on a first date knows how awkward it can be to broach the topic. The lingering stigma of reefer madness can ruin a potential relationship in a heartbeat. Yesenia Roman knew this firsthan…

Episode 36 - Olive Harvey College President Dr. Kimberly Hollingsworth and Dean Akilah Easter

Jan. 4, 2023

What better way to start the new year than exploring an exciting opportunity to learn much more about cannabis? Something unique is growing at Olive Harvey College on Chicago's southeast side. OHC President Dr. Kimberly Holl…

Episode 35 - Fred Sanders

Dec. 28, 2022

In the final episode of 2022, Fred Sanders shares with Don his journey to create a business within a business. Working in The Apple House in Terre Haute, Indiana, right on the border with Illinois where cannabis had just bec…

Episode 34 - Stoner Nataly

Dec. 19, 2022

Stoner Nat knew cannabis was powerful and positive before taking a break from it to serve in the U.S. Navy. Upon her separation in California she reconnected with the plant and set out for Chicago. Eventually she was inspire…

Episode 33 - President Biden signs Cannabis Research Bill

Dec. 2, 2022

An episode to mark an historic day in the United States as President Joe Biden signs the first ever standalone piece of federal cannabis reform legislation ! It has do with cannabis research and will clear many roadblocks an…